March 03 President Santos acknowledges the Social Impact Bonds as an innovative project Read Play video
March 07 Colombia bets for the Sustainable Development:
5 urban challenges
Read View gallery
March 23 Participation in the co-creation of the Plan of Action of the Alliance for Open Government Read View gallery
March 29 Launching 1st Social Impact Bonds (BIS) project in employability Read View gallery
April 27 Participation in the DataJam event concerning Open Data for the rural sector Read View gallery
May 02 Interview about Open Data in the program “La Pepa” Read Play video
May 08 Hacia Allá Vamos was acknowledged as an outstanding initiative of peace building Read Play video View gallery
May 17 Teachers from 10 regions of the country received training in innovative pedagogic methodology STEM Expert consultants from the British Council visited the country to train teachers, coordinators, and pedagogues of the PALABRARIO Y NUMERARIO program...
May 24 Semana Educación Santander Summit Read Play video View gallery
May 25 Survey of Compared Citizen Perception by the webnet Como Vamos In the city of BUCARAMANGA, the survey results from the compared citizen perception were presented (EPCC) 2016, by the colombian webnet of “CÓMO VAMOS” cities...
June 12 5th Employment for Disabled People in Ibero America Seminar Read View gallery
August 10 Event of Inclusive Economy Read View gallery
August 11 Graduations Universidad
en tu Colegio
n August 17 of 2017, 224 students graduated from UNIVERSIDAD EN TU COLEGIO program, from the Tecnical Vocational and Educational Training...
August 15 Participation in the 8th Meeting of Responsable Uniandinos Read View gallery
August 17 We accompanied
the Asenof Congress
Every year ASENOF carries out its national and international Congress. This event has as main goal to give the Tecnical Vocational and Educational Training...
August 17 Launching of the “Seamos Democracia Digital” citizen platform Read View gallery
August 18 Graduation of leaders Hacía Allá Vamos Read View gallery
August 22 Launching: 1st Department and Binational “Índice de Progreso Social” (Social Progress Index) Read View gallery
September 14 Así Vamos en Salud National Index, and now also departmental Read View gallery
September 15 ¿Cómo Vamos en Educación T&T en Bogotá, Cali, Cartagena, Manizales and Medellín? Read View gallery
September 21 We accompanied the "Lideres por la Educación Semana" Summit Read View gallery
September 24 Interview in the “La Pepa” Tv program about Inclusive Employment Read Play video
September 26 Launching: Guideline for the Promotion of Inclusive Employment in the Companies Read View gallery
October 13 Our initiatives transform the education: Best Leaders Award, Colombia 2017 Read View gallery
October 24 Global Conference of Teach for All 2017 ENSEÑA POR COLOMBIA hosted the global conference of Teach for All that is carried out every year, and also was the scenario to celebrate the 10th anniversary of...
October 26 A mission from Switzerland visited the Social Impact Bond project in Cali Read View gallery
October 31 Skills Forum STEM: The future is now Read View gallery
November 01 We shared our knowledge and experience about citizenship in different events Read View gallery
November 03 Productivity Pact on publishing of the International Organization of Labor Read View gallery
November 03 We are the 2nd most admired organization of the civil society Read View gallery
November 10 The 1st cohort of the new location of Rumbo Joven in Siloé graduated The graduation ceremony of 114 young adults of the RUMBO JOVEN program took place, among them were students of the...
November 15 Manizales Cómo Vamos is 5 years old Read View gallery
November 27 Barranquilla Cómo Vamos
is 10 years old
Read View gallery
November 30 Finalists in the Portafolio Awards for our contribution to the community Read View gallery
December 01 IX Premio Cívico in Manizales and II in Cali Read View gallery
December 05 United for the Inclusion Forum Read Play video
December 07 Acknowledgement as allies to overcome poverty in this country Read View gallery
December 07 We participated in the Detonating Festival with “Quibdó Cómo Vamos” This year we accompanied the “Festival Detonante” with “QUIBDÓ CÓMO VAMOS”, with the purpose of presenting to the attendees this citizen oversight exercise...